Honey One, Acne Zero: Another Win for Nature

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Pimples, acne, or zits – call it what you like, it’s a pain. Especially if you have a growing reputation out there as a young adult. You’re becoming cool, sophisticated, stylish. You’re making a name for yourself. Then wham! A gross encounter of the curd kind. A puss-oozing cluster of greasy red blotches, whiteheads, blackheads, eew – right there in your full facial visibility zone!

Your Mom blazes a trail from the pharmacy to your bedroom with anything and everything that the pharmacist has to offer. You try creams and pills, potions and lotions, soaps, and sprays. Weeks go by and nothing changes. But did you thought to try honey as an acne treatment?

acne honey

Fresh honey is a natural treatment for your acne

So what can you do?

Well, interestingly, an increasing number of young adults are turning to honey as an acne treatment – often after conventional treatments have failed. There’s no guarantee that this will work for you, but for many it has. Unfortunately, you can’t just use any old honey for this, you need to get the unprocessed variety – unheated, raw honey. This is because when it comes out of the hive, honey contains antibacterial, antibiotic, and anti-inflammatory compounds (well-proven by many respected clinical trials), but heating the honey destroys or alters these compounds.

Finding genuine raw honey can be tricky because there are so many hyped-up web sites out there trying to sell inferior products as the real thing, and remember, processed, heated honey will not work. You need to choose raw honey from a supplier who is proud of his or her products, someone who has kudos, a reputation. It’s also a good idea to get unbiased advice and help from an independent honey web site, like the one I write for.

One thing I want to warn you about – a few people are allergic to honey and if you are one of these people, honey will make your skin worse not better. If you are concerned about a possible reaction, I would advise you to take a quick allergy test – they are readily available from pharmacists.

When you have taken delivery of your jar of beautiful, unprocessed honey, if you’ve never had the real thing before you will be amazed at the aroma and won’t be able to resist a taste, I guarantee it! But please remember to leave some for the acne, because after all, that’s why you bought it.

So how do you use honey for your acne?

It’s very easy, but maybe something to be done at home and not when you are about to go on a date, because things can get a little sticky! All you do is massage a thin layer of honey into the affected skin, then leave it for, say, 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing off with warm water. Do this daily, for about a week. A great tip is to take a photo at the start and end of the week to see if there is any improvement. I hope there will be, and if there is, just keep on with the treatment until your skin gets better. It doesn’t work for everybody, but it has been a real savior for many people. Of course, if it doesn’t work for you, at least you’ll have some amazing honey to spread on your English muffins!


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