Dealing with Acne the Natural Way

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dealibg acne the natural wayOne common skin ailment that plagues millions of women worldwide is acne. This skin problem can cause a lot of emotional as well as physical turmoil. However, there are many effective ways to be rid of it. Here are some tips on how to get rid of acne the natural way.

Young women who are particularly conscious of their looks can be terribly traumatized by acne on their face. There are many conventional as well as alternative means of checking the growth of acne. The natural methods might take a while and a toll on your patience; however, they are worth the wait.

Plan out a proper diet

A well planned out diet is the key to good-looking skin. Your lifestyle and eating habits reflect on your skin. Don’t fool yourself by saying that you binge on unhealthy food once in a while and it may never show on your skin. Bad food habits always reflect on the quality of your skin. Therefore be careful of what you eat.

Rule number one for getting rid of acne

Plan your diet, and try to eat healthy, fresh, and low-fat food. Using olive oil for cooking is an excellent idea. Eat lots of salads and fruits, and don’t forget to drink your daily two liters of water. Yes, drinking water is vital for getting rid of acne. Don’t worry about visiting the washroom very often owing to drinking endless glasses of water- it will pay off in the long run!

Rule number two for saying goodbye to acne

You have to maintain a diet that is free of spice and oil. Spicy or hot foods cause your skin to react in different ways, giving rise to heat boils and other skin ailments. If you have acne, eating spicy food will further aggravate the problem.

Water as a natural toner

If you have oily skin, you are more prone to develop acne. One useful home remedy is to wash your face with fresh clean water several times a day. It is in fact recommended to regularly wash your face as and when it feels sticky. If you feel like using soap, avoid using the usual ones that come heavily scented- stick to an acne friendly soap that will do you much good.

Every time you come home from outside, use a damp cotton pad with mild cleansing milk to wipe your skin clean. You will be amazed at the amount of dirt and grime you will see on the cotton pad. A daily skin cleaning routine is very effective for removing acne.

Leave it alone

As you know, acne will be fatal to the way you feel. Leave it alone, the acne will probably spread like wildfire all over your face and your neck. Not only will acne give you annoying red pimples while it’s there, but it can also create scars that will never disappear.

Avoid chemicals! Deal acne the natural way

All is not lost, you can cure acne if you approach the problem the correct way. First of all, you have to avoid the chemicals that our dear medical companies will try to sell you. A lot of it doesn’t work and a lot of it is also very, very expensive.

What you must do is to look at the problem in a non-chemical way. Your acne does appear because of natural developments in your body, so the medicine should also be natural – no need for chemicals for this.


Purely natural solutions to your acne can for example be to place ice on the acne-affected areas for two minutes. This will remove the swell and probably make the pimples go away faster. Remember to only apply ice for two minutes and to place some cloth between the ice and your face.


Another solution is to apply garlic due to the way it works against bacteria. Just apply garlic on the acne infected areas and then remove the garlic again using hot water. Remember to think about the smell of garlic, as you probably know most people believe garlic smells pretty horrible.


A final solution is to drink a lot of water. Doing this will remove the toxins from your body in a purely natural way, so the not so good things that are believed to cause acne to disappear from your body as soon as possible.

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