Hello and welcome to Acne Treatment Digest! Thank you so much for stopping by!

I have started this blog as a way of sharing my experience with acne and help others with information, tips and tricks, guides dealing with acne.

My name is Lisa I’ve dealt and suffered from severe acne throughout my teen years and into my adulthood.

Signs of acne started once I ‘ve been in seventh grade around the age of 12. I remember starting a new school and eager to hide my face from the world. As if it wasn’t bad enough being very shy at that age, having to satisfy new people while suffering from acne made opening up even worse. apart from having face acne, I used to be also handling severe body acne. Trying to be trendy like my classmates was hard because I had to be very selective with my clothing. I had to form sure that I wont to not exposing any cystic breakouts for my peers to work out because I used to be very self-conscious about it. So throughout lyceum and most of the high school I suffered from acne on a day to day basis. Having tried everything under the sun including prescribed topicals from multiple Dermatologists, buying any and each over-the-counter product, and reading countless articles online about acne I used to be at my wits end

Due to my struggle with acne both cosmetically and emotionally, I decided to focus on the treatment of acne.

My skin is not perfect and perhaps it’ll never be, but that’s ok! a part of my journey was and still is to simply accept myself and my skin for what it’s, without always thinking it’s to perfect all the days. The aim for this blog is to share all I even have learned within the past 10 years about food, nutrition, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle which has helped improve my skin and hopefully will assist you too!