Skin Care Tips

Buying Beauty Products

For the most part, beauty products are overhyped and underperform. When they tout a particular ingredient as a “wonder” ingredient, question the manufacturer and look at the contents of the container—you will find that either the ingredient is in insignificant proportion to the formula, or that the same ingredient is available in much cheaper brands which do not charge you an arm and a leg.

There is this particular Swiss company that truly amuses me. A 2 oz bottle of their face product sells for over $200. And I know women who have used it continuously—you would not want to see them without their make up. So I asked them if they have seen any improvement. They said no, but still keep buying it.

So here are some tips on buying beauty products.

  • A sage who said real beauty begins from within was more insightful than I think he thought. Clean, healthy living will age you beautifully and without the need to constantly cover your face and body with expensive lotions.
  • Do not pay a premium for “brands”. Almost none of them have conducted blind studies to prove their claims, and all they are selling you is snake oil which people have bought for a long time–and thus creating the myth that the products must truly be wonder drugs. If you don’t believe me, ask for a double blind study conducted by a reputable lab that is FDA approved (NOT clinical study which can be faked with benign subjects and specimens).
  • Almost all of the good ingredients that improve your tone, skin or wrinkles are and should be natural, plant based, not chemical formulae. Review what is in the product.
  • Simple, cheap natural conditioners exist and you should try those before going for expensive ones. E.g. egg yolk applied to your scalp is very healthy. Certain fruit extracts like cucumber and okra improve your skin tone. Avocado mix removes wrinkles.

Good luck.